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There are several ways to contact the team of cryptonit. Depending on situation one way might be more appropriate than the other.

Web form

Phone support

Phone support available: 10am - 6pm GMT, Monday-Friday

+44 20 7048 7043 (english)


cryptonit offeres a rich documentation about its services. This might be one of the first address where to search for information to your questions that may arise.


If the documentation does not cover your question or request, please have a look at our FAQ. It contains answers to common asked questions of cryptonit users.


cryptonit has a support ticket system. This is the most appropriate way to contact the support team and receive a reply. All your request can be easily managed and the full case history is available everytime. Comments and additional information can be provided without any hassles. Please consider this as your regular way to contact the support team. The create a new support ticket please visit here.


You can reach the support team under the address Questions concerning your funds, deposit and withdraw, general trading can be send to These are simple and unstructured ways to contact cryptonit and should be chosen if the above mentioned ways to contact us are not appropriate for your concerns.


To ensure safe communication with our customers, all replies and emails directly coming from cryptonit staff are digitally signed. You will not receive a reply from cryptonit without a proper signature which can be validated by you. This means that any email from cryptonit without signature is properly not from cryptonit and a fishing attack. Do NOT reply to such emails and send them directly to us. cryptonit will then analyze the email and undertakes further steps to ensure the security of its users.

Bug Bounty

If you find a bug or security problem on Cryptonit you can report it via We pay for bugs..