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1:28 PM 17 September
We are glad to announce credit card deposits. During the following month this feature is enabled by request for any verified member. After that all verified members will have it by default. So if you already a verified member then just write to support asking to enable Credit Card deposits. If you are not verified with Cryptonit then pass this useful and clear procedure. it is important that you can use your any VISA or MASTERCARD card. With 3DSecure or without, it does not matter. Another good news is starting from Monday Saturday 19th deposit fee is only 4.9% This promo will take place until winter. Buying cryptocoins with your Credit Card has never been so easy and cheap. Buy some bitcoins with a credit card within a minute.
2:17 PM 22 June
Cryptonit introduces new deposit payment method. From now on you can refill your EUR balance via TrustPay payment processor. It is a convenient tool for the customers from Eastern Europe and not only. You will be given a local bank account and will have an opportunity to pay in your local currency. For some countries and banks payments are instant. For example if you have a bank account in Slovakia you can instantly refill your Cryptonit EUR balance. If you have a bank account in one of the following countries you will have all the benefits of using TustPay: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. Keep in mind that you can use TrustPay if you have a bank account in some other country as well. Cryptonit Fee is set at 2.5% with a minimum commission of 1 EUR. It is important that TrustPay is a licensed payment institution that is regulated by the Central Bank of Slovakia (EU). It is absolutely safe to pay via TrustPay.
11:50 AM 12 June
Let me introduce Cryptonit redeemable vouchers. From now on you can create a voucher that can be redeemed by any Cryptonit user. Voucher creation and redeem operations are instant and become completed within seconds. It is important that no commissions are charged. Minimum Voucher amount is 1 USD or EUR. Maximum amount is limited by your available FIAT balance. Cryptonit Redeemable Vouchers is fast, free and secure deposit and withdrawal method.
3:16 PM 1 May
In evening 30th of April 2015 a widespread power failure hit our main datacenter. Due to this all services including the website and email where down for several hours. Bringing up all the system and fixing network problems took us longer than expected. We apologize for this incident and hope we can serve our customers again with all our services.
6:49 PM 28 April
Starting from today new withdraw and deposit paypal fees are set. Due to updated Paypal AUP and increased processing risks new deposit paypal fee is set to 9.8% Good news are that Paypal withdrawal fee will remain as low as 2% until summer. Thus we continue Btitcoin to Paypal spring promo. Changes concern USD an EUR currencies. Though deposit fees have been increased, Cryptponit is still the most convenient place to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for paypal.
10:21 AM 23 April
Dear users,During 22-25 April, 2015 is exhibiting at 22nd International Forum on Telecommunications, Information and Banking Technologies - Tibo 2015, Minsk, Belarus. For those of you who is currently located here these days, we would be very glad to welcome you at our booth D2.2. Please contact us to get your free invitation. Уважаемые пользователи,Хотим сообщить вам, что биржа криптовалют будет участвовать в выставке по телекоммуникациям и банковским технлогиям Tibo 2015, которая пройдет в Минске, с 22 по 25 апреля 2015 года, по адресу г. Минск, пр. Победителей, 20/2, футбольный манеж. Приглашаем посетить наш стенд В2.2 Биржа дарит Вам бесплатный пригласительный на посещения данной выставки. Для получения пригласительного свяжитесь с нами любым удобным способом: Приходите, будем рады видеть вас.    
2:57 PM 3 April
Starting from April 1st the certificates for signing and encryption have been re-newed.This only affect the certificates for:,,, and, which can be found in the certificate section: ensure you install these certificates as well as our ROOT certificates. Only then you can be sure to communicate with the team of cryptonit and are not a victim of phishing.
5:06 PM 20 March
There were recently some updates on Cryptonit deposit fees and limits. - Western Union deposits are available only for USD currency. If you want to deposit EUR please use MoneyGram. - Skrill deposit limit is set to 1000 USD/EUR per week. Moreover do not forget that you must pass verification in order to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrency with Skrill (moneybookers). - SOFORT commission was raised to 2.9% It is really a slight increase and is intended to cover the losses we currently have using this payment system. - SOFORT daily limit for unverified users was increased to 100 EUR. Thus unverified users can buy bitcoins, litecoins and other cryptocurrency by paying via SOFORT instant banking in amount of 100 EUR within 24 hours. - PerfectMoney deposit commission was lowered from 4% to 3%. It concerns USD and EUR deposits. - Payeer deposit commission was lowered to 9%. It concerns USD and EUR deposits. As you see most of the news are positive. Have a good crypto trading with Cryptonit.
5:24 PM 9 March
Dear Cryptonit User Starting from today you can cash your cryptocoins in a very convenient way. Paypal withdrawal fee is set as low as 2%. Withdrawal processing will take not more than 24 hours (regular maximum processing period is 4 business days). If you receive your money later we will refund you 2% as well. Hurry up, this promo takes place until the 5th of April 2015.
7:30 PM 28 January
As of today there is a maximum amount you can deposit via Western Union. The limit is 2000 USD/EUR per one month (30 days). The last 30 days are counted. That means any user can deposit maximum 2000 USD and 2000 EUR per month using Wesern Union payment system. This limit concerns only deposits. If you want to deposit more use any other method - we got a plenty of them. If you still want to buy bitcoins for Western Union then you will have to consider this limit. Have a good trading time with Cryptonit