Upd. Paypal limits are set back to regular values

Server Time - 18.12 29 Mar

BTC Price - $1058.1

LTC Price - $2.93999

We are glad to announce that paypal deposit limits are set back to 300 EUR/USD on a regular basis. As a bonus within the next week you can deposit even more - 500 EUR and 500 USD on a daily basis.
Please note that all limits are calculated per 24 hours.
Deposit paypal and buy Bitcoins or altcoins that are being offered on the site. We support LTC NMC PPC and DOGE.

Upd. Due to lots of positive feedbacks and demand from our clients the 500 EUR and 500 USD daily limit promotion has been extended for an undefined period. Updates will follow should any changes to limits occur.



Leave it in 500 USD for life :3

Choux you be Nigerian...

Why not just keep it at 500? What's there to lose? You would just make more people happy I would assume.