Stop NMC, DOGE and PPC trading

Server Time - 18.05 29 Mar

BTC Price - $1058.1

LTC Price - $2.93999

We are sad to announce that we have to cease trading on Namecoin, Dogecoin and Peercoin cryptocurrencies.

Namecoin has been really interesting and promising project that is completely in compliance with Cryptonit Manifest.

Cryptonit has been supporting namecoin developers to create NMC mobile wallet. At the same time Cryptonit still maintains dot-bit DNS gateway to make .bit domain resolved via classic DNS resolvers.

Trading at NMC/BTC PPC/BTC DOG/BTC EUR/NMC EUR/PPC USD/NMC USD/PPC pairs will stop on 30th of September 2016. NMC, PPC and DOGE withdrawals will be available until 20th of October 2016.
WARNING: After 20th of October 2016 you will not be able to withdraw NMC, PPC or DOGE.


guessing it's too late for doge but nmc and ppc withdrawal asks me to "please enter a valid address". any chance you'd just send whatever funds are still there to addresses i've previously used?