Official statement regarding Alcoin.

Server Time - 18.12 29 Mar

BTC Price - $1058.1

LTC Price - $2.93999

We would like to officially announce that Cryptonit Solutions Ltd, the company behind exchange is not affiliated with Alcoin, Ezgoluck or any other parent projects.
Cryptonit provides cyrpotcurrencies/fiat exchange services and does not have any plans to add Alcoin for trading whatsoever.

Should you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us:

Cryptonit team

UPD. We are also adding Chinese translation of this news.






Can you give more information?
As I know ALcoin will trade on CRYPTONIT.NET in OCT. this year!


ALcoin will NOT be traded on Cryptonit.

Kind regards.

Cryptonit team

any further update informations about alcoin? just want to make sure that is it any possiblelity for alcoin to be traded on cryptonit

There are no further updates regarding this.