Credit Card deposits

Server Time - 18.12 29 Mar

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LTC Price - $2.93999

We are glad to announce credit card deposits. During the following month this feature is enabled by request for any verified member. After that all verified members will have it by default. So if you already a verified member then just write to support asking to enable Credit Card deposits.
If you are not verified with Cryptonit then pass this useful and clear procedure.
it is important that you can use your any VISA or MASTERCARD card. With 3DSecure or without, it does not matter.
Another good news is starting from Monday Saturday 19th deposit fee is only 4.9% This promo will take place until winter.
Buying cryptocoins with your Credit Card has never been so easy and cheap. Buy some bitcoins with a credit card within a minute.


wao!!! Just excelent to hear that!