Affiliate Program

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Introduction and terms

Cryptonit offers the most flexible and generous affiliate program. You will get 33% of the commission we charge a trader. Earnings are credited to the affiliate twice a month and are available for withdrawal without any delays.

Cryptonit offers 3 options for money making:

Option I

This is a traditional way of promoting. You will use your unique referral link to let users register at Cryptonit.
After they are registered you will get 0.05% from their transactions (filled orders).

Option II

(available only for approved Affiliates)

If you create and distribute trading bots, scripts, trading software, mobile trading applications then you can earn from all operations that Cryptonit users make via your product despite the method of registration. It is a guaranteed way to get a profit from all trading traffic that comes through your product.
In order to assign filled orders to your account you will have just to add one field with your ID while making API request from your application (script, terminal whatever...).

Option III

(available only for approved Affiliates)

This options allows you to register Cryptonit users remotely. It can become a nice feature if you have for example a trading application and want to give new users a possibility to register Cryptonit account directly from your app. It may become a nice feature if you own a mining pool. Those users will become your referrals and you will get 0.05% commission from all their transactions in the future.
Detailed description of Affiliate API can be found here.

Please note, you must be a Verified member obtain “Affiliate” status from our administration in order to use Option II and Option III. This is mostly a security measure to protect Cryptonit from scam and cheating. Please write to if you want to obtain “Affiliate” status.

If you are ready to start earning - Register at Cryptonit and go to Affiliate zone (find on your right menu after you login).